Friday, November 30, 2012

A page torn from an old diary

I Woke up with a sudden jerk
Thoughts squander berserk
Clearly heard that tearing scream
Damn ! Again, the same dream
I play that game of paint balls
Ignoring alll those pleading calls
I shoot around with a big laugh
Laugh heartily, till I cough

Red red red... red everywhere
Cries cries..... cries that scare
Am I enjoying this? I puzzle
Looking inside, I see no tussle
Convinced, a big smile in my face
That simply none could erase
I vacate the bed and get ready
In the uniform I feel more steady
Just then the phone rings.....
'On your course.... with the force...'
I headed to the rose garden.

- General Reginald E.H.Dyer.

PS: saw a promo for a paintball gaming club this morning......  With red pain splashing allowed. Thought of writing this.....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Confessions of an ideologist

I had some ideologies      
Many said they were extreme.
May be..... but I never cared
For anyone or anything.
I believed in them strongly.    
I had some like minded friends
Who also believed in them
Much like me, I believe.       
For ages, many people felt   
We were a pain.      
When I looked at my yard
I saw more bricks than bouquets.
May be..... but I never cared
For anyone or anything.

Many said I influenced powers
And people dreaded me.
I was inevitable by then.
Even now I think I am.....
And my ideologies.
I have given much to my society
But many think I took away much.
May be..... but I never carved
For anyone or anything.

I lived thus a complex life.
Until I saw the last sunrise
And nature took over me.
I Cleared my yard                
Carrying them all with me.    
People heaved a sigh.
Afloat, I look down
I see my son and his cousin.
I heaved a sigh.